Chartreuse – VersaTroll Trolling Lure


Experience trolling like never before.  Try the VersaTroll.  The adaptability of the VersaTroll is unlike any other fishing lure on the market.

  • Lure can be attached or detached from downrigger line
  • Film your trolling experience by attaching a GoPro or Aqua-Vu Camera to the VersaTroll
  • Watch in real time to determine if your lure/bait is effective
  • Change your lure speed without changing your boat speed
  • Use multiple lure combinations¬†
  • Change the lure lead underwater
  • Utilize glowsticks with the lure to attract more fish
  • Can be used for ice fishing
Let the VersaTroll do the work for you as it creates the up and down motion that attracts fish to the bait.

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